How To Find A Solid Office 365 Partner In Malaysia

In recent years, more companies have discovered that Office 365 can be a great business investment. For that reason, it is often very helpful for these companies to find a quality partner that can help them to manage the frequent changes that are introduced to the platform. If your company is in Malaysia, there are a few great dos and don’ts that should be considered when trying to find a dependable Office 365 partner.

DO make certain that the partner you find has quite a bit of experience using the software. Activities such as migrations take a lot of experience, and can really create problems that affect exactly how your company operates if they’re not done correctly. To have the most success finding an office 365 partner, look for those that have a minimum level of 2-3 years’ experience with the software.
To determine whether they have enough experience, you should ask potential partners about the number of different projects that have completed as well as the variety of these projects. Make certain that you get several references so that you can verify that they have truly completed these projects in the past.

DON’T agree to go with the very first qualified candidate that you come across. When trying to find help, it is easy to get wrapped up in how frustrating your struggles are. However, being patient for just a little while and finding a partner that makes a good fit with your organization will ensure a successful relationship for many years into the future. When trying to find a partner, it is a good idea to consider at least 4-5 potential candidates. Thankfully, in Malaysia, there are numerous options available.

DO try to avoid larger agencies if you are wanting to consider more flexibility. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that working with larger partner’s results in the tendency of much more rigid schedules. Smaller companies often have your clients, which means that they are very flexible as they are often very eager to please when it comes to successfully meeting their client’s needs.
DON’T let your budget make the final and absolute decision. Trying to achieve services for the least amount of money possible should not be your goal. The main thing that you should be trying to find is a company that delivers great service while providing you with an excellent value. Just saving money is simply not enough when the services provided are not up to par.

Do seek out a company that not only delivers quality services, but also provides you with support after delivery is made. As mentioned above, the office 365 platform changes constantly, and it is very important that you can find support if you have any problems. Any company that does not give support after initial delivery should be removed from your potential partner list.
While finding a partner can be a process that takes quite a bit of time and seems to be very tedious, it is important that you do your due diligence. While trying to find a partner, make sure to remember all the tips and tricks listed above so that you can have success now and in the future. These tips will help you to find a partner that can be a very important asset for you and your company.

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